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Why Be A Car Clinic Sponsor
Sponsors | Why Be a Car Clinic Sponsor
A Car Clinic sponsorship is more than spot placement. It’s a collaboration.
  • Car Clinic Audience: Car Clinic’s audiences are people who are passionate about their cars, and Bobby has a powerful connection to them. He has earned credibility & consumer trust because he only recommends and uses sponsors’ products & services that he’s tested. Bobby’s passionate in his sponsor endorsements because he knows they work.
  • Car Clinic Multi-Media Network: The Car Clinic Network reaches far & wide...now the largest car-talk network in the U.S., including Commercial Radio, Internet Globalcasts, Chat Room, Television, Print & the Internet.
  • Car Clinic Production Services: Our national-quality production services are created in our all-digital audio and video studios. Productions can be used within Car Clinic programming…or for sponsors’ complementary marketing purposes.
  • Car Clinic Programming:  Engaging, fast-paced and info-taining. Both "Bobby Likis Car Clinic" and "Car Clinic Minute" are content-rich, consumer-attractive "destination radio." For a quick listen to the power of Car Clinic Programming, click on the scroll bar under the player and enjoy!

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