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Bobby Likis Car Clinic
Bobby Likis Car Clinic
Bobby Likis Car Clinic Radio -- Broadcast Live
…on Commercial Car-Talk Radio, podcast on assorted outlets (including iTunes), live on iTunes Radio, WiFi Radio, Windows Media Radio, Pal Talk (chat room on Thursdays & Saturdays), globalcast on multiple Internet affiliates (including live & libraried on our “Live” page), Television, Print, the Internet, and just announced, Nokia-cast (available live on all new Nokia phones, regardless of service provider) and CelleCast (all cells/all providers).
  • "Reality radio." Car Clinic is a compelling, real-world, talk forum designed to increase consumers' Cache & Cash. Enjoy Bobby's down-to-earth, upbeat approach as he recommends brands, services, upgrades and techniques which provide greater value, reliability, safety ... and everyday fun!
  • “Lifestyle” in content. Diverse, provocative and definitely not the same old thing, Bobby's entertaining style and industry savvy create instant rapport with audiences nationwide. Even if you didn't know you were interested in cars, listen to Car Clinic for 15 minutes. We'll bet you'll discover an untapped car lover.
  • Upbeat and fun but not irreverent. Bobby takes himself lightly, but he takes you seriously. In his own charming, down-to-earth approach, he uses clever analogies to teach listeners, as he interactively engages callers in dialogue about automotive-related consumer problems, industry issues and the next stars in the automotive gadgetry sky.
  • Recorded in our all-digital studio or from our studio-on-wheels. Bobby hosts industry insiders as they share the inside scoop and the latest in automotive products, services, mobile electronics & trends.

Contact us for a radio station near you, but remember you can hear Bobby from everywhere at

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