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Programming ... Bobby Likis Car Clinic

Car Clinic programs are sheer “Infotainment,” designed to inform and entertain you in the automotive lifestyle.

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When we say, “We’ve been there & done that,” we’re not kidding! The original “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” was born in November 1986 on a local cable television network. The program increased in popularity, and by 1991, audience response was so tremendous that Bobby moved Car Clinic to the Gulf Coast ABC affiliate, where it was an outstanding success. 1991 also marked the birth of Car Clinic on the radio.

So much for the history books...2009 is in full swing! The Car Clinic programming suite has grown in breadth and depth: from one program in 2 a rich programming suite with worldwide coverage via Broadcast Radio, American Forces Radio Network, Television, Print & the Internet, all originating from our all-digital studio.

  • Bobby Likis Car Clinic Radio
    (Broadcast Radio, Globalcast on multiple Internet affiliates (including live & libraried on our “Live” page], Podcast on assorted outlets [including iTunes], live on iTunes Radio, WiFi Radio, Windows Media Radio, Pal Talk [chat room on Thursdays & Saturdays], Television, Print, the Internet, and just announced, Nokia-cast (available live on all new Nokia phones, regardless of service provider) and CelleCast (all cells/all providers)

         The fastest two hours in car-talk radio
  • Bobby Likis Car Clinic TV

         Feel the excitement on the big small
         screen in this TV production of the
         “best of” Car Clinic.
  • Car Clinic Minute

    (Radio, American Forces Radio Network, Internet)
    60 seconds of Watercooler Wow
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