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Partners | Bobby Likis Car Clinic

Brad & Angelina know it!  So do Ross, Rachel & their Friends. And even The Lone Ranger wasn’t.  Lone, that is!

Yes, we at Car Clinic realize the Power of the “Company We Keep,” and as our Mission Statement clearly states, we choose “partners that share our passion & expand our vision.”

We are especially proud of our Premier Partners whose services & products form the bedrock of our commitment in delivering excellence to our sponsors, listeners & Car Clinic Network's Media Station affiliates.

  • WestwoodOne (formerly Cumulus Satellite Services & ABC Satellite Services)
    Our satellite distribution partner for 20 years of consistent excellence.
  • Radio America Network
    Delivers compelling, hot-topic programming to affiliates across the nation.
  • iTunes
    Download podcasts of Bobby Likis Car Clinic every Saturday and enjoy your Car Clinic roadtrip every day of the week.
  • CelleCast
    Bobby can be in your pocket 24-7 with Car Clinic's Cellecast from any cell phone and through any service provider. 

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