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Bobby Shares the Mic with...
Special Guest and "Fuel Your Holiday Roadtrip"
Sweepstakes Winner
Connie O'Daniels
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Connie's Note: I love my 2004 Nissan Armada--and it's a good thing since I spend so much time in it!  This big car seats eight and can hold a lot of cargo.  I guess I'll have to fess up to being a "severe driver" (see Bobby’s Facebook), driving short distances in stop-and-go traffic.
 My 15-year old (Connor) plays saxophone in a symphonic band, a jazz band, and a marching band. My 12-year old (Payton) plays drums/percussion in a concert band and a jazz band. They also both take private lessons.  It seems like I'm always in the car taking the boys (and many times their friends) somewhere.
 Also, at least a couple of times each year, we drive down to Florida to vacation. The Armada is so roomy and comfortable for a long road trip. The 28-gallon gas tank will get us all the way down to the Gulf Coast on one tank of gas. 
 I am so thrilled to have won the $500 gas card.  What a treat to be able to fill up my gas tank (many times) compliments of the Bobby Likis Car Clinic!!  Thank you so much for offering this prize and for the great advice you serve up every week on Car Clinic.




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