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Bobby Goes on the Road to...

Bobby went to Kearney, NE to the 7th KAAPA Ethanol Annual Meeting. KAAPA Ethanol is the only farmer-owned ethanol plant in Nebraska, produces 60M gallons per year, and owns a grain elevator in Elm Creek, Nebraska. Bobby served on a panel of industry professionals, and they talked about ethanol—from corn field to fuel tank—to a packed house

Guests of
Chuck Woodside (KAAPA Ethanol CEO & Board Chair of the Renewable Fuels Association) & joining Bobby were: Norris Marshall (president and owner of Marshall Engines), Fred Bosselman (president and owner of Bosselman Energy), and Scott Merritt (executive director of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association). Robert White (executive director of the national Renewable Fuels Association) acted as panel moderator.

Panel Q&A Video:

In production.  Will post on Bobby's YouTube next week.

Car Clinic Broadcast Audio:

Hour 1:
Segment 1: Dirk Christensen & Chuck Woodside
Segment 2: Dirk Christensen & Chuck Woodside
Segment 3: Dirk Christensen & Chuck Woodside

Hour 2:
Segment 1: Dirk Christensen & Paul Kenney
Segment 2: Paul Kenney & Chuck Woodside
Segment 3: Ray Evernham, Dirk Christensen, Paul Kenney, & Chuck Woodside
Other links of interest:

  • Advancing Renewable Energy Conference (including interviews with Bob Dinneen [CEO, Renewable Fuels Association], Dr. Robb Fraley [Exec VP, Monsanto]), Mike Johanns [then Secretary, Dept of Agriculture], Ray Orback [then Under Secretary of Science/US Dept of Energy], Vinod Khosla [Co-founder of Sun Microsystems & Founder of Khosla Ventures] & Jim Woolsey [former CIA Director])
  • Joie Chitwood, President, Daytona International Speedway (about E15 in NASCAR)
  • Tom Buis, CEO, Growth Energy
  • Ray Evernham, Hendricks Performance / NASCAR (about E15 in NASCAR)
  • Dr. Jerry Hutton, Hocking College Energy Institute
    (Note: includes segments with Rich Kolodziej [Natural Gas Vehicles of America] and Jim Harger [Clean Energy])
  • Bobby's Facebook

Photos from the KAAPA Meeting & KGFW remote Car Clinic broadcast.

Caricature of Bobby

Bobby & Dirk

"Welcome Bobby Likis"

"Try us, Likis / You will love us!"

Jeanne & Sanae

Event Coordinators

Leslie & Bobby

Bobby & Paul's son

Mick Jahn & family

Bobby's fans

Paul & Chuck

Norris Marshall

Bill Ballou

Jerry Erickson

Younes Conference Center

Meet & Greet

Bobby's Fans

Jim Cudaback

Fred & Chuck

Steve Altmaier

Mark & Dirk


Stay tuned to "Bobby Likis Car Clinic" for the latest ethanol updates & to engage in conversation about this renewable, alternative fuel. 

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