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Bright Lights & Elbow Grease! No, that’s not the latest Broadway play. That’s the Car Clinic formula for fun & our philosophy for doing business. Beneath the glare of spotlight, we are proud of our diligence in delivering top-notch programming & production services with our listeners, viewers, sponsors & affiliates top of mind.

Here’s a sample of what we’re up to:


  • BOBBY LIKIS HONORED IN TWO INDUSTRIES / Bobby Likis receives awards in broadcast & automotive service:

PENSACOLA, FL - Respected automotive industry expert, host of the nationally syndicated “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” broadcast and owner of “Bobby Likis Car Clinic/PreRepair®” has been honored in both the broadcast & the automotive service industries.

Likis, who recently returned from the New Media conference in New York City, was named to the “Talkers 250,” the broadcast industry’s prestigious list of the top 250 talk-show hosts in America.  The only car-talk host on commercial radio so named for the 5th consecutive year, Likis originates his radio, television, globalcast and social media programming on the Car Clinic Multi-Media Network from an all digital studio within Bobby Likis Car Clinic/ PreRepair® automotive service center.  “Earning the trust of automotive consumers locally, nationally and now globally is a humbling experience,” Likis reflects.  “I’ve answered more than 100,000 car questions, one call at a time. Each interaction is a one-on-one, personal connection with a car owner who wants to make the best automotive service, repair and product decisions. It’s my job to help, and I love it.”

Bobby Likis Car Clinic / PreRepair® with a 40-year track record of success won “Best Oil Change”  and, in 2013, was awarded “Best of the Bay” for “Best Auto Service Shop” (for 4 consecutive years) in a Gannett-sponsored challenge.  Likis remarks, “We celebrated ‘Bobby Turns 42’ in May, and now we’re honored again. We’re a repeat winner as Best Auto Service Shop, and we’re most proud to win the new Best Oil Change category.  Our oil service suite includes Royal Purple and our ask-for-by-name BoosterShot® that definitely lives up to its name.” 

To schedule Bobby Likis as an on-air radio or television guest or for a print interview regarding automotive consumer tips or industry trends and technology:





  • Summer's almost here and it's time for some BOBTLC, Bobby's 6 easy-to-do things to help your car ready to hit the road. 

    B / Battery:  If your battery's 3 years old, replace it. If less than 3 years old, have it cleaned & serviced professionally (forget baking soda).

    O / Oil:  Change oil & filter.  Use lightest weight (e.g., 5W30 vs 10W40) in winter (& year-round).  Upgrade to Royal Purple synthetic for best protection. 

    B / Belts:  Twist the belts and inspect for cracks.  Replace for certain every 4 years.

    T / Tires:  For every 10-degree drop in temperature, PSI is reduced by 1 pound, so tires need more air in colder temps.  And for goodness sake, do the "Abe Lincoln" test for wear.  Less tread = less grip.

    L / Lights:  Check all your lights, external & internal, so you can see & be seen. 

    C / Coolant:  Flush coolant system every 2 years or 30K miles, even if you're not "having problems."  Coolant stops freeze-ups in winter and helps prevent overheating in summer.

    And here's a extra tip:  Have an Annual Inspection (ANI) performed.  Like a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI), an ANI gives you decision-making power.  At Car Clinic Service/Pre-Repair®, we think the ANI is such a valuable service for our customers that we refund the cost.  If you want an overview of the value of an ANI, click here to see my PPI video (it takes a little while to open), which reports the condition of the same 5 areas on which an effective ANI will report.

  • This time it’s about mph, not mpg.  To be better prepared for your summer cruises, be aware of the latest on speed camera legislation, insurance implications for tickets & safety issues revolving around mph.  Click here. Then catch ESCORT’s “Drive Into Summer” Event for a free $50 accessory pack with the purchase of any new Escort radar detector...and an up-to-$80 savings for trading in an old detector.

  • Welcome to the newest Car Clinic Partner: DELPHI Why choose Delphi parts? As a partner to 25 of the largest vehicle manufacturers globally (e.g., Ford, Toyota, Audi, Ferrari), Delphi is the company who makes "the parts cars are born with." Delphi lives up to its motto, “High standards. Below the surface.” I use Delphi parts on my customer cars – and my own cars – so I can vouch for the quality & innovation. Speaking of innovation, Delphi has a long “invented-here list,” including the first automotive radiator in 1911...the first car heater in 1929...the first vehicle A/C in favorite, the first in-dash radio in 1936 (over which the first Car Clinic broadcast was heard in 1991)...and first automotive multimode electronically scanning radar in 2009. Welcome to the Car Clinic family of Partners, Delphi. I’m proud to be associated with such a fine company.

  • Bobby gave away a Shelby GT Mustang on fun is this! CARSTAR will make this lady very happy!

    Press Release follows:

    Panama City, Florida Woman Wins Dream Car in CARSTAR Hertz Shelby Mustang Sweepstakes

    Local Panama City resident Velda Lynn Savage didn’t own a car due to financial reasons when she entered the CARSTAR Hertz Shelby Mustang sweepstakes, but her hopes... were high that she might be lucky enough to win this spectacular solution to her transportation challenges.

    This Friday, CARSTAR and Hertz will make Savage’s dream come true when they present her an incredible new set of wheels: a limited edition 2007 Hertz Shelby GT Mustang, the grand prize in the CARSTAR Hertz Shelby Mustang sweepstakes.

    Savage, an employee at local institution Funland Arcade, will be presented the vehicle by Bill Garoutte, AVP, senior marketing executive of CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts, and
    BOBBY LIKIS, host of the Bobby Likis Car Clinic network radio show, on Friday, May 6 at 10:30 a.m. EST at the Hertz location at 2106 W. 15th St. and Foster Ave. in Panama City, FL.

  • Congratulations to RYAN LERMAN of Coral Springs/Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Ryan scored big when I called him & told him he’d won a car cover.

  • Congratulations to SHANNON SCHULTE of Hartford, CT! Shannon lucked out when she won the BAR’S PRODUCTS / RISLONE Jumbo Goody Box, including Bar’s / Rislone products, hats, tshirts & a $200 Visa card. A full-time mom of two boys, Shannon’s “job” is to use the $200 on something nice for herself. It is Mother’s Day, after all! New Car Clinic Sweeps soon at

  • April 8-9: Bobby's in Kearney, NE, participating in the 7th KAAPA Ethanol Annual Meeting. KAAPA Ethanol is the only farmer-owned ethanol plant in Nebraska, produces 60M gallons per year, and owns a grain elevator in Elm Creek, Nebraska. Bobby will be on a panel of industry professionals, and they'll talk about ethanol—from corn field to fuel tank. 

    Joining Bobby will be Norris Marshall (president and owner of Marshall Engines), Fred Bosselman (president and owner of Bosselman Energy), and Scott Merritt (executive director of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association). Robert White (executive director of the national Renewable Fuels Association) will act as panel moderator. They're all guests of CHUCK WOODSIDE, KAAPA Ethanol CEO. If you’re in the Kearney/Minden area, join Bobby for lunch and a very spirited panel discussion. Lunch is on Chuck, but space is limited & first-come-first-served reservations are required.

  • Bobby's on-air guests Saturday, April 9:

  • Bobby's recent on-air guests: 

  • Welcome to our newest Partner, Escort Radar. Educate yourself: read why tickets are on the rise. Then cruise (at safe speeds, of course) around Escort's "drive smarter" products, including the Passport iQ and the Passport 9500ix.

    Bobby's latest winner of a Passport iQ last Saturday:
        Alfonso Melendez
        Tulsa, OK

  • We are so proud to announce that Bobby is again named to the Talkers 250, the broadcast industry's prestigious the prestigious industry listing of top 250 talk-show hosts in America. This award distinguishes excellence in broadcasting, based on (alphabetically) courage, effort, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition, revenue, service, talent & uniqueness. For the third consecutive year, Bobby is the only commercial radio car-talk host included.

    “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” originates from Bobby’s all-digital studio within Car Clinic Service/PreRepair® and is syndicated on the Car Clinic Network’s “Media Station” of 125 national & global affiliates, including broadcast stations, PalTalk chat room, HealthyLife.Net Radio Network, podcast on multiple outlets, iTunes, iPods, iPhones, WiFi Radio, Windows Media Radio, Squeezebox, BWM/Mini integrated radio, retail stores, Internet globalcasts and CelleCast (available on all cell phones).  The Car Clinic globalcast audio is heard on (live & library).  In addition, you can watch Bobby every Saturday 10a-12n live from the Car Clinic studios at 

  • The Car Clinic Network is enjoying a major growth spurt, as RADIO NETWORK just added “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” to its programming suite & rich distribution, which includes, BMW Mini in-car access, PDAs & Smartphones, Squeezebox, Hotel Radio Systems, Retail Environments, and many more.  And my hat’s off to LINDA MACKENZIE, President & GM. We’ve already created the feel of a lasting Partnership. 

  • In the ultimate test drive, Bobby slipped behind the joy stick of the NASA Moon Rover.  You've got to look at the photos (4 albums so far with more to come)and experience the videos of the Rover, live video tel conference with astronaut Noguchi in the International Space Station (hurling 17,227 mph, 220 miles above Earth) and astronauts-in-training in an exact ISS replica submerged in a 6.2 million gallon pool to simulate the weightless environment of outer space.  Oh, and check out Robonaut, NASA's robotic astronaut who can go where no human can. 

    Bobby's "field trip" to NASA is simply an amazing adventure...educational, inspiring and fun!  Check it out:


  • Watch Bobby safely stop an accelerating, out-of-control Toyota (with a stuck gas pedal)Bobby simulated this condition with a "panic stick"...then brought the car to a full, safe stop. By the way, this easy technique works on any vehicle with an automatic transmission. This is life-saving stuff, so click & watch.  Or go to for a whole stockpile of auto knows.


  • Twitter Bobby and find out what he's up to everyday. He's giving away $100 to a Follower soon!

  • From the "Email Bobby" Mailbag, check out Bobby's step-by-step guide for storing your car for the Winter or for prolonged storage (helpful for our military/troops during deployment).

  • “Distracted driving” starts outside the passenger cabin...with a dirty windshield! So, make your vehicle safer with a set of Bosch ICON wiper blades, providing the cleanest wipe and optimum visibility. And if you purchase two Bosch ICON wiper blades between now and February 28th, you can receive a $15 cash back rebate. For more information about the wipers I use, click Bosch ICON wiper blades!


  • WOMEN ON WHEELS (WOW), you're in the Headlights! Bobby's featuring the brainier gender on a special segment of Car Clinic for the next 5 weeks.  WOMEN ON WHEELS launches next Saturday, and it's all about showing how smart you asking questions.  Send Bobby your car question to If Bobby chooses your question and you're the first to have asked it, you'll win a wheely, wheely great Car Clinic gift pack.  Like it?  You'll Love it!

  • Bobby is named in the "Talkers 250" as one of the top talk show hosts in the country (and the only car-talk host on commercial radio who made the prestigious list). This award distinguishes excellence in broadcasting, based on (alphabetically) courage, effort, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition, revenue, service, talent & uniqueness. “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” originates from Bobby’s all-digital studio within Car Clinic Service / Pre-Repair® and is syndicated on 110 affiliates locally, nationally and globally, including broadcast stations, iTunes Radio, Pal Talk, podcasts, CelleCast, NokiaCast, globalcasts and live on  Click "Talkers 250" for the press release.

  • "Cash for Clunkers" is now a reality. You ask about it & Bobby talks about it often on Car Clinic, so tune in this Saturday.  Meanwhile, hear Bobby's Cash for Clunkers Outtake from his conversation with Chris Haydocy and browse the Autobytel list below of their Top 20 Cash for Clunkers picks based on the % of the carmaker's line-up qualifying for vouchers:

         Mini - 100%
         Scion - 100%
         Honda - 94%
         Saturn - 93%
         Subaru - 88%
         Suzuki - 85%
         Pontiac - 79%
         Mazda - 74%
         Hyundai - 73%
         Volkswagen - 73%
         Kia - 71%
         Toyota - 62%
         Mitsubishi - 62%
         Nissan - 54%
         Mercury - 50%
         Ford - 46%
         Volvo - 45%
         Chevrolet - 45%
         Audi - 39%
         Lexus - 39%


  • Check out Bobby's newest discovery:!  It's a whole new online Community for people who are passionate about classics. At, Members can search 1000's of classic cars, show off theirs, talk shop, look for parts, find and post events, or check out members' profiles. Like Bobby's!

    Visit, then:

    Click on "Import Classics" and scroll until you see Bobby's drop-dead gorgeous, meticulously restored 1980 Porsche Weissach (only 1 of 408 produced). 

    Click on "1980 Porsche 911" and you'll see all the photos of this classic beauty.

    Click on "BobbyLikis" and you'll get an eyeful of not only the Porsche, but also Bobby's fast, voluptuous Viper and his 35-mpg, cutie-pie Smart car.

    To join in the fun of the Community, click on "Become a Member."  Join Bobby in the passion of being an Member.


  • Talk about a perfect Summer Double Dip:  GI Joe & Royal Purple!  Oh, yes...and then there's Bobby in camouflage. Click on the player & take a look.


  • You can now enter Bobby's Jumpstart Summer Fun Sweepstakes every week for a chance to win lots of prizes, including a $500 gas card. Winners everywhere!  Hear the Excitement:

    - Kate Rivas in NY: $500 gas card winner in Car Clinic's "Fuel Your Economic Recovery"

    - Andy Stasco in NY: $500 gas card winner in Car Clinic's "Fuel Holiday Fun"

    - Laurie Poland in FL:  Royal Purple leather jacket winner in Car Clinic's "Fuel Holiday Fun"

    - Bill Jamison in OK:  $500 gas card winner in Car Clinic's "Gimme More Gas"

    - Debbie Welch in CA:  $250 gas card winner in Car Clinic's "Gimme Gas"

  • Bobby announced the Winner of Car Clinic's Fuel Holiday Fun Sweepstakes and $500 Gas Card: Andy Stasko who listens to Car Clinic on WNBF in NY! Take a listen to Bobby Fuel Holiday Fun Sweepstakes Winner Andy!

  • Look, hands.  Given the accidents that are caused every year by distracted drivers who occupy their hands with something other than the steering wheel, cell phone driving legislation is now being considered across the US and Canada. Different states and provinces mandate different flavors of restrictions including full ban; texting ban; those applicable to school bus drivers, state vehicles and novice drivers; and those which cluster under the driver-distraction category. For the scoop in your state, compliments of Parrot Safe Driving, click on the map below.


  • We are so proud of the addition of CelleCast to Car Clinic Network's "Media Station."  Through CelleCast, you can hear Car Clinic on your cell phone 24/7: any cell phone and any cell-phone service.  How cool is that?  Bobby-in-your-pocket cool! Click hear Bobby on CelleCast to sign up

  • GIMME MORE GAS SWEEPSTAKES!  Talk is cheap...well, not in Bobby's case.  On July 16, Bobby drew the lucky winner of the first Car Clinic GIMME GAS $250 free gas card. Debbie W. in San Diego, CA joined Bobby on the Car Clinic broadcast on Saturday, July 19, and shared with him her excitement and the plans for her summer roadtrip from southern California to San Francisco...using her GIMME GAS free $250 gas card.

            Click:  Gimme Gas Winner Debbie W.

    Due to the overwhelming popularity of GIMME GAS, Bobby launched GIMME MORE GAS and surprised winner Bill J. from Tulsa, OK on the national Car Clinic broadcast on Saturday, September 13. Bill's wife Laurie is in dialysis in a hospital 50 miles away, so how lucky for Bill to win the GIMME MORE GAS Sweepstakes and how lucky for us that such a loyal Car Clinic listener was rewarded in such a nice way.  Check out photos of Bill (a former undercover narcotics policeman) and Laurie and enjoy Bobby & Bill's on-air chat.

            Click:  Gimme More Gas Winner Bill J.

    Bobby's already planning his "Fuel the Holidays" Sweepstakes to be announced soon. T
    o have a little fun calculating your "free fuel miles," click
    FUEL HOLIDAY FUN Calculator.

  • Brrr...Winter's here and it's time for some BOBTLC, Bobby's 6 easy-to-do things to help your car weather the storm.  Click on the YouTube version of BOBTLC or read on:

    B / Battery:  If your battery's 3 years old, replace it. If less than 3 years old, have it cleaned & serviced professionally (forget baking soda).

    O / Oil:  Change oil & filter.  Use lightest weight (e.g., 5W30 vs 10W40) in winter (& year-round).  Upgrade to Royal Purple synthetic for best protection. 

    B / Belts:  Twist the belts and inspect for cracks.  Replace for certain every 4 years.

    T / Tires:  For every 10-degree drop in temperature, PSI is reduced by 1 pound, so tires need more air in colder temps.  And for goodness sake, do the "Abe Lincoln" test for wear.  Less tread = less grip.

    L / Lights:  Check all your lights, external & internal, so you can see & be seen. 

    C / Coolant:  Flush coolant system every 2 years or 30K miles, even if you're not "having problems."  Coolant stops freeze-ups in winter and helps prevent overheating in summer.

    And here's a extra tip:  Have an Annual Inspection (ANI) performed.  Like a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI), an ANI gives you decision-making power.  At Car Clinic Service/Pre-Repair®, we think the ANI is such a valuable service for our customers that we refund the cost.  If you want an overview of the value of an ANI, click here to see my PPI video (it takes a little while to open), which reports the condition of the same 5 areas on which an effective ANI will report.

    Now, button up your overcoat and tune in next Saturday.

  • Step right up to hear the next talented generation of automotive service technicians.  Chris Cheek and Paul Bretl, ably coached by Carl Hader, won the 2008 Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills Competition. Come back soon to hear how they stepped up to the challenge and won the title, a personal visit with Allan Mulally (President of Ford Motor Company) and a week with  Roush Fenway Racing. Enjoy the latest car-talk from the newest star technicians.

  • Bobby's Smart car is here...and what a baby it is! We had under wraps (make that a Block-It® car cover) but now, it's time for the Smart car reveal!

  • We're all feeling the pinch at the pump, but some pumps are pinching harder than others...even in your own community.

    For local price swings, click gas stations and enter your zip code. Going to a station a mile or two out of your way could mean more than pennies in your pocket.

    For what's happenin' elsewhere, click gas pumps across the nation.

    If (and only if) you have a FFV (Flex Fuel Vehicle), you can fill 'er up with E85 (a blend of 85% Ethanol and 15% gas). Click E85 stations in all states that offer E85. Oh, by the way, FFVs live up to their name. They are so flexible that they can use gasoline or any blend of Ethanol. For more info on Ethanol, click here for Bobby's chat with Tom Slunecka (Executive Director, Ethanol Promotion & Information Council).

  • More, better, faster ... that's 2008! And it's all packed into 1.7 Million square feet of the latest, and believe me, the greatest electronics from the Center of the Entertainment Universe in Las Vegas.  Join Bobby this Saturday for the on-the-scene update from Dave Graveline, the award-winning host of "Into Tomorrow."  Click here to download a juke box, so it's click & go on Saturday.
  • Jim Blose and Gonzalo Checa of Kimberly-Clark DIY / Professional products business joined Bobby in the studio last Saturday and shared with pros and DIYers alike the secrets to making clean up for your project a snap...and cost effective, too!  Enjoy the audio-and video-of Bobby, Jim and Gonzalo's conversations with Car Clinic listeners from the US...and the UK.

  • Welcome to our newest two broadcast affiliates: WBNW in the Boston market and WJOB in Chicago!  We're delighted to have you as part of the Car Clinic Network, and Bobby looks forward to info-taining your audiences in the Automotive Lifestyle.

    • WBNW 1120 AM of the Money Matters Radio Network reaches listeners from the Boston harbor to Worchester. General Manager & Program Director is Scott Couper. 

    • WJOB "All You'll Ever Need to Know" 1230 AM entertains along Lake Michigan's south shore from Chicago to east of Gary, Indiana. General Manager is Jim Dedelow, and Program Director is Michael Stewart, aka Stew.

  • Our hats are off to Sarah Wilson, a sophomore at the University of Central Florida, who wears well her own hats of creator, writer, director and producer of award-winning video. "The Letter," Sarah's submission to Bridgestone's Safety Scholar contest, just won her a new set of tires...and a $5,000 scholarship. Designed to be a part of solution to the staggering problem of traffic fatalities among 16-21 year olds, the contest engaged blossoming student film makers from across the U.S. to produce videos that inspire a "drive safe" message.  Click on the player below to see "The Letter"...and if you missed Bobby's on-air chat with Sarah about the inspirations for her video and her aspirations in the future, click here. We're sure she'll need that set of Bridgestone's for her long trip down the road to success.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

  • What do lifebloods have to do with your car? Everything! Your vehicle's fluids or lifebloods are a major contributor to its health or its demise. Recently, Charlie Polston joined Bobby on-air as they chatted with callers making real-life decisions involving their cars...and their wallets. As a writer for Motor Age Magazine, a facilitator of hundreds of automotive consumer & industry workshops and a senior instructor at BG University, Charlie brought a wealth of insight of the science and practicality of fluid monitoring & follow-up. Click here.

  • This splash is a Tidal Wave! Car Clinic has acquired Jeff Brooks’ (“On the Road with Jeff Brooks”) network of radio stations. With this acquisition, Bobby Likis Car Clinic’s reach has expanded to approximately 110 affiliates, including terrestrial broadcast, web, and Sirius Satellite Radio.  Click here for the national press release.

    To our new affiliates...Welcome!  We are delighted to be part of your station's line-up and, as you will quickly see, Bobby will share with your listeners solutions for their vehicular challenges...provide direction for products and services that have been Bobby-tested and approved...feature industry co-hosts with exciting scoop...and info-tain your listeners with everything connected with the Automotive Lifestyle!

  • A Man Before His Time...and Now A Man Who's Time has Come.  That's Steve Schneider, CEO of Zap (which is acronym-ese for Zero Air Polution). And if you're thinking, "Another tradeoff between environmental wisdom and automotive whiz-dom," click here to hear Steve describe the Obvio, a flex-fuel vehicle that runs on mixtures of 0%-100% ethanol, comes loaded with a car-puter, Windows XP, Bluetooth...and hits the road with 175 horsepower and top speed of 120 mph.  Not enough? The 200 hp version zooms from a standstill to 60 mph in less than 5 heartbeats (4.6 seconds).

    You'll also get a charge when you hear Steve's answer to the Conspiracy Theory of Who Killed the Electric Car and how Zap's Xebra is changing all that.

  • You don't have to go to the Post Office to hear about the 10 Most Wanted...Car Killers, that is.  BG co-host Mike Belluomo and Bobby disclosed to Car Clinic listeners how to prevent the criminal and costly "spilling of vehicular lifebloods" by proactively monitoring their levels and conditions, then applying the optimum combination of chemistry, equipment and expertise to extend the life & performance of your 2nd largest investment:  your automobile.

    Mike is BG's Technical Service Director, so he knows the science of identifying and preventing automotive abuse, CSI-style. Click here to get all the details.

  • The gloomy winter is over on the beautiful Gulf Coast, and Summer is heating up!  Talk about Hot Spots.

    But the weather isn’t all that’s changed, and the beach isn’t the only Hot Spot!  At Car Clinic Service, we are proud to welcome you to our brand new
    Customer Center

    What used to be the “waiting room” is transformed into a real Hot Spot where our customers can relax in style, enjoy coffee, watch the flat-panel TV, surf the high-speed Internet or do work on a customer-dedicated computer in their own Car Clinic “Red Room” office...and WiFi from what seems to be a favorite spot, the “bar” table & stools.  All free and a “thank you” for choosing Car Clinic to service, Pre-Repair™, and repair our customers' 2nd largest investments...their vehicles.

    If you're ever near the "Center of the Automotive Universe in Florida, please consider yourself our guest and drop in for a visit. Meanwhile, click here for the photos.


  • Abracadabra!  How do you change 400 water bottles into a hood of a car?  Amanda Roble of GE Plastics knows the answer and she's telling all. Click here to hear how former ugly land-fillers are transformed into the futuristic hoods of cars like the Chevrolet Volt, using GE's iQ technology. Amanda will fill us in, too, on Hyundai's new QuarmaQ which incorporates over 30 plastic applications to enable design, reduce weight, and drive environmental benefits. So, what's next?  Windows out of plastic? Why, yes.  And it's no magic trick...just (in "borrowed" words) ecomagination at work.

  • Now that Summer's here, Americans are hitting the road with boats, 5th wheelers, and trailers, towing all sorts of recreation. But that doesn't mean they always tow safely. On-air guest Mike Sheridan, Master Lock's Automotive Group Product Manager, reveals the results of Master Lock's 2006 Towing Troubles Research Study with some disasters you won't believe. Then Mike unlocks (OK, one little pun :) the secrets to successful towing, cargo management, and vehicle security. Click here before you take the first turn out of your driveway!

  • Gentlemen, start your engines…Bobby kicked
    off a very exciting Daytona 500 weekend as he broadcast Car Clinic live from the Daytona International Speedway
    .  From a stage located
    front and center in the Daytona USA building adjacent to the track, Bobby funneled all the fun
    of race day into multiple Car Clinic broadcasts.


    Click here to relive the excitement of Friday's PalTalk and Saturday's Car Clinic with special guests and racer buzz.


  • Forget the Italian version in the 15th century. There's an American Renaissance--underway in the here and now--which will change the way we drive...and live. It's all about the development of home-grown resources and the resulting independence from foreign oil. If you click one page on our website, make it this one. You'll hear and see interviews with the movers and shakers in the world of alternative fuels. From oil company executives to venture capitalists, U.S. government secretaries, and even the former director of the CIA, you'll get It straight from the people that are making It happen. Click here.

  • Rising fuel prices are so commonplace these days, they aren't even front-page news...but they are on the minds of consumers every time we shell out at the pump. So what about alternatives to traditional gas slurpers?  Check out Bobby's chat with Mike Marshall, Director of Automotive Emerging Technologies for J.D. Power & Associates, about the results of J.D. Power's "Alternative Powertrain Study." Take this 3-question test; then listen to Bobby and Mike to see how your answers measure up to those of the consumers in the study:


    • Are consumers putting their green money  where their green "environmentally conscious" mouths are, as they make their "next car" buying decisions?
    • According to the study's voice-of-the-customer research, how much higher of a price tag were the interviewed consumers willing to shell out at the dealership for a more environmentally friendly vehicle?
    • And, what was the expected ROI in terms of  an increase in mpg?


    Click here to find out more about the top 30 most environmentally friendly vehicles, what SUVs made the list, and where you can go to learn more about the Automotive Environmental Index.


  • Liz Wetzel, Karyn Leland, Crystal Windham and Ester Martinez are giving a whole new spin—literally—to the term "Designing Women." These women and their teams of young, passionate automotive architects are in charge of General Motor's "Turnaround by Design" strategy, transforming consumer preferences into pure pzazz on wheels. Bobby recently chatted with Liz, a fourth-generation carmaker and GM’s Global Brand Design Director. Click here to discover how GM is defining "Seductive Performance" and "Pinnacle Prestige," and the splash that "the hot, sexy car” is making in the marketplace.

  • Just in time for Summer Vacation!  Bobby and guest Tom Rooney teach a real-life lesson in Geography, Biochemistry and Economics.  It's called..."the Alaskan Pipeline." 


    Discovered by a BP employee in March 2006, a large oil spill in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska prompted a federally mandated inspection of the Pipeline for corrosion. In August, that investigation revealed serious breaches, which resulted in partial closure.


    Geography: Tom's company (Insituform) is among the enterprises charged with repairing the Pipeline. This conduit of "liquid gold," aka oil, runs 800 miles in Alaska from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez.  Oil was discovered in 1968 in Prudhoe Bay, located at the tippy-top of Alaska within the Artic Circle and sporting an approximate population of 47. Though the place marker for North America's northernmost "ice-free" port, Valdez is nonetheless situated on a fjord sandwiched among 5 glaciers on the northeast section of Price William Sound. About 4036 people hang their fur-lined hats in Valdez homes.


    Biochemistry: Tom tells us that corrosion of oil-flowing steel pipes happens from the inside out.  Why?  Tiny microbial bacteria eat the oil and produce a hydrogen sulfide by-product which, when combined with water, results in the formation of metal-eating hydrosulfuric acid. Talk about a feeding frenzy creating an economic frenzy.


    Economics:  Supply lowers.  Demand increases.  Price rises.  That was easy!


    Click here for today's full story. Check back in '07 for Tom's "Adventures from the Tundra" when he joins his crew for the Pipeline restoration.

  • Calling all Pirates of the Caribbean and other exotic places! Remember telling your first-grade class what you did on summer vacation?  Well, imagine this…going on The Hunt for Buried Treasure in the form of 5,000 pounds of twisted steel: a Volvo XC 90. This on-line contest, developed as part of Volvo’s sponsorship of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, attracted over 52,000 wanna-be Pirates in the U.S. alone.


    Like a page ripped from the script of Dead Man’s Chest, the race to the booty began on June 12 with Volvo’s announcement that a brand new car had been indeed buried somewhere in the world. The 7 contest finalists (3 from the U.S and 1 each from Austria, England, Japan and Spain) were flown to an undisclosed location (now revealed as Abaco Island in the Bahamas) for the final leg of the hunt. Once there, they competed in a race for the treasure, deciphering clues that lead them closer to the exact location of the buried Volvo. The first to dig it up kept it.


    By the way, this is no ordinary Volvo. It’s one-of-a-kind beauty...booty that Jack Sparrow would be proud of...with its $82K price tag, menacing Pirate graphics, black leather seats, and custom-painted 20-inch wheels.


    As a special treat for Car Clinic listeners, Bobby interviewed all 3 of the final contestants from the US:  Jenny Buckalew from Newnan, GA; David Hutz from Herndon, VA; and James Hutz from Carefree, AZ.  Click here to hear these Pirates chat.


    Update!  For the ultimate "show and tell," click here and listen to winner Dave Hutz (and yes, he's one of "our" U.S. Pirates!) as he gives you the scoop (literally) on unearthing the treasure!


  • If you've visited in the past, here's a BGO (blinding glimpse of the obvious)! We're proud to announce that our old website was razed and a new one was raised. Our new site was architected around 3 top design points: Ease of navigation; depth of content; and sheer beauty. It's deep and wide, and we've only just begun. We're developing a photo album page (target: Spring 2007) for you to show off your automotive beauties, share your road trips, and tell your stories. Meanwhile, click around and let your ears & eyes be infotained! 
  • Ain’t technology grand? Just ask Bobby…Dave Graveline did on his national radio show last week. And did he get answers…about hybrids, fuel alternatives, and how & where technology will drive the consumer “Into Tomorrow.” Click here for Bobby’s reveals.

  • In need of a modern-day hero-cum-Renaissance-man?  Check out Bobby’s chat with John Cooper Fitch.  Mr. Fitch is a blue-water sailor, fighter pilot, professional racing driver, team manager, race course director, entrepreneur, safety expert and prolific inventor (source: Carl Goodwin). And this October, at 89 years old, he’ll seek to break a speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in a 1955 Mercedes Benz gull wing. Zeroing in on the safety expert & inventor categories, John invented the yellow crash cushions--aptly named “Fitch barriers”--that protect vehicles from bridge abutments and highway dividers and the “Fitch Fuel Catalyst” that prevents gasoline deterioration. Among his honors are the Safety Innovator Award, Top 100 Private Sector Transportation Professionals of the 20th Century designation and recognition by the National Academy of Science for his Lifelong Contribution in the Field of Roadside Safety. And finally, M. Jodi Rell, Governor of Connecticut named April 21 as “John Cooper Fitch Day.”  Wonder what John will do with the second half of his life?!


  • Bobby's "in vivo," real-world lab (Car Clinic Service) just splashed its Online GLOve BOx. We call it GLOBO, and it can do everything but shine your shoes! Imagine accessing all your vehicles' records electronically, in a single place, from anywhere, anytime. Available exclusively to Car Clinic Service customers, this innovation in service is complimentary and returns value during vehicle ownership...and at sale time. Though access to individual GLOBOs is password protected, visit & cruise around.


  • Joe Averkamp, Director of Product Strategy for Sprint's Automotive Telematics Business, recently shared the mic with Bobby on the national Car Clinic broadcast. Sprint's core business has morphed from POTS (Plain Ol' Telephone Service) to PANS (Pretty Amazing New Stuff). So, what's the WIIFY (What's In It for You)? Just your future, aka Telematics. Though the term is evolving, telematics is the marriage of computers & wireless communications technologies, and its offspring are products like global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking, remote roadside diagnostics, obtaining "smart" transportation information, accessing the Internet / email in your vehicle, and downloading audio & video files. Bobby & Joe chatted about Sprint's telematic features from Roadside Rescue to Family Locator to Power Vision with callers from some very interesting locations, including a swamp in Louisiana. Now that's some connection!
    Click here to enjoy the show.

  • And last but not least and forever in the Spotlight is our Mission Statement. Paraphrasing Norma Desmond, aka Gloria Swanson, in Sunset Boulevard, we're "ready for our close-up." Our Mission Statement is the stage on which "all we are and do" is set. It's our director for all we produce. And we pursue it with a daily passion.


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