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Bobby Goes on the Road to...

Great Race

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Well, in this case, "The Great Race" came to Bobby through exciting, live racer-on-the-road reports. Click on the links below and hear how the Great Race gives "California Dreamin'" a whole new spin. In fact, the wheels on a cadre of 88 vintage automobiles spun 4100 miles from Philadelphia to San Raphael, California on a mid-summer road rally that puts the "great" in "Great Race."

Immortalized by a movie with the same name, the original Great Race began on February 12, 1908 with 6 cars. Facing west, drivers started their engines and roared across the North American, Asian & European continents before American George Miller crossed the finish line in Paris on July 22. Get ready ‘cause the 2008 event will, like its predecessor 100 years ago, roll from NY to Paris!

Meanwhile, enjoy the audio & photos from the 2006 Great Race. Our favorites, BG’s Team Kansas car and grandfather/grandson winners (David Reeder & Sawyer Stone), are on the top row.



Great Race Photo Gallery:

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