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Bobby Likis Car Clinic Live
Bobby Goes on the Road to...
Gentlemen, start your engines…Bobby kicked off a very exciting Daytona 500 weekend as he broadcast Car Clinic live from the Daytona International Speedway. From a stage located front and center in the Daytona USA building adjacent to the track, he funneled all the fun of race day into multiple Car Clinic broadcasts.

First, there was Friday's PalTalk, where guests in Bobby's chat room won the pole position on advanced racing buzz. Of course, on Saturday, Bobby brought the zoom-zoom of the day to cars, couches and kitchen tables all across America.

Two of Car Clinic’s listeners claimed a great position of their own at this year’s 500: Jason Kaup of Kearney, NE (KGFW) and Sally Hebert of Ormond Beach, FL (WNDB). They’re the recipients of tickets that Bobby gave away on Car Clinic. Tune in often—you never know what treasures you could win (in addition to excellent automotive direction, of course :).

To relive the excitement of both Car Clinic Daytona broadcasts, click on the links below. Though we've chunked them into smaller video pieces, they could take more than a moment to download. Delayed gratification notwithstanding, you'll findlike Daytona 500 winner Kevin Harwicksome things are worth waiting for!

To enjoy video interviews with the following guests, click on his or her name under the photos:

  • Robin Braig, President of Daytona Speedway
  • Mark Williams, Motorsports Director, WNDB
  • Randy Taylor,  Program Manager, 3M
  • Mike Accavitti, Director, Dodge Motor Sports
  • Lori Lukus, Communications Mgr, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Jeff Owen, Depot Racing
  • Stan Sidor & Frank Lombardo, Advanced Technology Center
  • Chris McKee, Richard Petty Driving Experience

Friday's PalTalk Broadcast

  Segment 1
  Segment 2

Saturday's Car Clinic Broadcast
   Hour 1

  Segment 1
  Segment 2
  Segment 3
  Segment 4

   Hour 2

  Segment 1
  Segment 2
  Segment 3
  Segment 4


Gentlemen, start
your engines!

Have Car Clinic.
Will travel.

Daytona International Speedway

The broadcast site

Crowds gather...

...inside Daytona USA

Bill Collins sets
the stage

We're ready for our close up

Do go near
the light...

...and to Bobby

Bobby chats with
a fan...

...and with
Jeff Firestone

Introducing Robin Braig...

...President, Daytona Speedway

Mark Williams, WNDB...

...Motorsports Director

Randy Taylor, 3M...

...Program Manager, Motorsports

Mike Accavitti,
Dodge Motor Sports...

...Director & SRT Marketing

Lori Lukus,

...Manager, Communications

Jeff Owen...

...Depot Racing

Stan Sidor & Frank Lombardo

...Advanced  Technology Center

Chris McKee...

...Richard Petty
Driving Experience

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