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Bobby Likis Car Clinic Live
Bobby Goes on the Road to...


in New Orleans, LA

Lights, camera, action!  Automotive Expert and Car-Talk Host Bobby Likis packed up the Car Clinic state-of-the-art show trailer with full crew and is hit the road to the CARS (Congress of Automotive Service & Repair) event during ASRW (Automotive Service and Repair Week) in New Orleans. The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) in and Ricardo Engineering traded wheels for wings, flying from Washington, DC and Detroit, respectively, into the Big Easy to partner with Bobby to educate, enlighten & engage automotive technician attendees, automotive industry participants and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), aka carmakers. 

In the RFA booth, the Ricardo Extreme Boost Direct Injection (EBDI) engine–optimized for the high-octane properties of ethanol-took center stage.  Ricardo’s Dr. Matti Vint (Chief Engineer, Powertrain Controls), Dr. John Kasab (Chief Engineer, Innovations and Chemical Technology) and Chris Talwar (Senior Director, Business Development) talked the show-and-tell science behind the design, engineering, and documented performance of the ethanol-optimized EBDI engine which will be in its GMC Sierra testbed in the RFA booth. Also in the RFA booth was RFA’s Kelly Davis (Director, Regulatory Affairs), who is widely recognized as the industry contact for fuel ethanol, quality, regulatory & environmental issues; brings 30 years experience in the grain processing industry; and is a recognized authority on ethanol. Kelly is an active member with the ASTM Committee for Petroleum Products and a past Chair of the Technical Committee for the Renewable Fuels Association.  

In the Car Clinic booth, Bobby chatted with the industry's movers & shakers during live Car Clinic videocast's from the CARS floor.

The trio of partners in educating automotive technicians - Car Clinic, RFA & Ricardo - kicked off the semi-annual session of the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) with "Ethanol Myth Busters," followed by a vigorous Q&A session.

Click on individual interviewee's name below to access his/her CARS interview & presentation video (on "Bobby Shares the Mic with..." pages).  You can download HD video from these "Shares" pages, or you can click & request the footage.  Photos follow interviewee index on this page. Larger ones on individual "Shares" pages. Enjoy the ride!


PHOTOS (larger versions of interviewees' photos can be enjoyed on their individual pages):

Renewable Fuels Association & Ricardo at CARS Registration

Extreme Boost Direct Injection (EBDI) engine in its testbed

Sierra testbed truck with model of EBDI engine

Videographers, Mike Cotton & Dave Barnes

The Car Clinic stage is set and ready for guests

A bird's eye view of the Car Clinic set from the catwalk

Kelly Davis (Renewable Fuels Association [RFA])

Kelly Davis (Renewable Fuels Association [RFA])

Kelly Davis (RFA) & Dr. Matti Vint (Ricardo Engineering)

Chris Talwar (Ricardo Engineering) & Dr. John Kasab (Ricardo)

Chris Talwar (Ricardo) & Dr. Matti Vint (Ricardo)

Ron Pyle (Automotive Service Assoc) & Skip Potter (NASTF)

Lindsey Roberts (Hanley-Wood)

Steve Gibson (K&N Engineering)

Ben Johnson (Mitchell1)

Eileen Sottile (Quality Parts Coalition)

Chuck Sulkala (National Auto Body Council)

David Lowell (National Automotive Service Task Force)

Walt McIntyre (Automotive Electronic Solutions)

Steve Gough (Induction Innovations)

The Ricardo EBDI engine...

...designed for the high-octane properties...

...of ethanol captures the attention...

...of automotive technicians...

...and shop owners alike. 

Educating auto technicians & consumers

Royal Purple "Outperformers" videos

RFA & Ricardo invitation to attend the RFA booth...

...moves from Registration to the floor door

L to R: Dr. John Kasab, Bobby, Kelly Davis, Dr. Matti Vint, Diane Somer, Chris Talwar, Bill Bintliff, Craig Purnell
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