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Car Clinic Live ---- The Driver's Seat
The SmartCar Photo Gallery

One size fits all!
For Bobby, it was love at first sight. He came around a corner in the shadow of the Trevi Fountain in 2000, and there it was...the Smart. Bobby tossed three coins in the fountain, then strolled directly to the smart dealership and bought two Smarts. What a rollercoaster love is! Bobby's heart really beat fast when the dealer announced he could deliver both Smarts immediately. Then the heartbreaker: delivery was only to the curb as the Smarts were not importable to the U.S. 

Fast forward to now. Thanks Roger Penske, Bobby's Smart sweetheart is in the States and he'll finally get his chance to slip behind the wheel of his very own Smart. His is a yellow one...but of course, he can drive a new color every day with Smart's exchangeable body panels.  Yellow today, red tomorrow, oh-who-knows for the weekend. 

You can hear the excitement in Bobby's voice when he talks about his Smart love. Click here for a sample.

Now feast your eyes on the arrival of Bobby's baby.  You can almost hear the angels! 

Another resident beauty, Bobby’s restored Wiessach 911 Porsche.

Now enjoy the photo gallery below of Bobby's field trip to a Smart dealership in Naples, Italy a couple of years ago.


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