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Bobby Likis Car Clinic Live Listen live every Saturday from 10:06am - 12n ET
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It’s a wild ride, America! Bobby Likis Car Clinic Live is your ticket to the best automotive “infotainment” on Broadcast Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, TV, Print…and the Internet!
  • Call the show Live at
    1-888-Car-Clinic (227-2546)
    to ask Bobby your car question or
    share your car story.

  • PalTalk Chat Room
    Bobby's live in his chat room every Thursday from 12n - 1p ET. You'll have him cornered in cyberspace, so join in the fun.
  • Car Clinic Library
    Miss last week’s Car Clinic? No worries! Catch it in the Car Clinic Library when you’re ready!
  • Bobby Shares the Mic with…
    You’ll never know who’ll pop in the studio, share the microphone and co-host Car Clinic with Bobby.
  • Bobby Goes on the Road to…
    Let Bobby be your eyes and ears at exciting automotive events.
  • National Radio Tours
    From gas-saving tips to the latest e-gadgets, Bobby serves it up as a guest on morning shows across the nation.


Bobby Likis Car Clinic Live
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