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It's hard to believe that a successful businessman's first intelligible phrase was "Hot car, Momma," but it gets easier when you know the man in question is Bobby Likis. A two-year-old Bobby uttered these words after due deliberation from the back seat of his daddy's Ford Coupe during a July hot spell, and his first clear phrase seemed to prophesy his direction in life. Bobby’s a seasoned pro who can speak elegantly, knowledgeably and engagingly on subjects running the automotive lifestyle gamut.

Bobby has worn every hat in the automotive industry: technician, race car driver & pit crew, automotive service center owner, industry consultant, and radio & TV talk-show host. Acknowledged by industry & consumers, Bobby “talks the walk” as he hosts nationally syndicated, automotive-oriented programs (originating from his all-digital, custom-designed studio located within his active service center) on broadcast radio, multiple Internet audio globalcasts, live video webcast (, podcasts (including iTunes), iPhone, YouTube, American Forces Radio Network and television. Bobby also maintains a active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media.

Bobby is on “Talkers 250,” the prestigious broadcast industry listing of the top 250 talk-show hosts in America—and the only car-talk host on commercial radio named to the list for five years in a row. Bobby

has been published in Motor Age, BE Radio, Tire Business & AutoInc.; produces a quarterly e-newsletter of automotive advice, trends, tips & technology; & has authored a weekly newspaper article. The eyes & ears of automotive enthusiasts, he has broadcast “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” live from the Daytona International Speedway; Charlotte & Saratoga race tracks; Consumer Electronics Show; Concours d’Elegance; Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week; Woodward Ave Dream Cruise; Mid-America’s 10th Anniversary; the KAAPA Ethanol annual meeting; Heartland Corn Products annual meeting; CARS (Congress of Automotive Repair & Service); and NASTF (National Automotive Service Task Force) annual meeting.


Aftermarket products & services, renewable fuels, new & used vehicle purchases, OEM issues, safety, mobile technology, automotive trends & legislation, consumer buying & service advice, preventive maintenance, gas mileage, vehicle performance & repair.


President, CEO, and Chief Cheerleader of Car Clinic Network. Under CCN, Bobby produces nationally syndicated radio, internet, social media & television programming, which includes “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” and “Car Clinic Minute.”  Bobby is former President of Car Clinic Service/PreRepair® (CCS) for almost 49 years. CCS - sweeping the “Best of the Coast” and “Best of the Bay” awards (including “Best Automotive Service Shop,” “Best Oil Service,” “Best Reputation in Automotive Service”) for 6 consecutive years & celebrated its 49th anniversary - specialized in one-stop, full-service automotive maintenance, repair, inspection, information.  CCS was a Bosch-Authorized Auto Service Center, NAPA AutoCare Center, ASE Blue Seal Certified, AAA-Approved Auto Service Center and a member of the Automotive Service Association.  


Bobby has been published in Motor Age, BE Radio & AutoInc.; produces a monthly e-newsletter of automotive advice, trends, tips & technology; & authors a weekly newspaper article. Published articles include “Facility Showcase: Ring of Fire,” BE Radio magazine; “You Are the Future of Your Business: Now is the time to reexamine operations and see where you really want to go!,” AutoInc. magazine; “Gimme Gas with Bobby Likis,” Independent News weekly newspaper; and “From the Center of the Automotive Universe,” monthly newsletter. Presentations include “A Day in the Life of a Repair Order,” ProfitPro Summit and the “Consumers' Point of View,” Consumer Electronics Show guest panelist. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2006, Bobby moderated the “Connect2Cars” Supersession, during which industry pacesetters defined the need for & fulfillment of consumer mobile electronics.


is a Florida Certified Arbitrator for the Ford Motor Company, serves as technical advisor for a regional law firm, and is a member of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, the Automotive Service Association, the Automotive Communications Council, the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association, and the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts. He served on NAPA’s National AutoCare Advisory Board, on Daytona’s Advanced Technical Center Board, and on the former Pensacola Junior College Automotive Service Management Technology Advisory Committee. Honored as the American Marketers’ Association “Marketer of the Year,” Bobby also won a Silver Addy for the “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” TV program, which captured the highest ratings in its time slot. Bobby was chosen to serve as master of ceremony for the GUNK “Serious Solutions Ultimate Challenge,” at the end of which he awarded the $5000 prize to the automotive department of the winner’s school. Nominated for Rotary Club’s “Ethics in Business” award, Bobby is extremely active in his community, having served on the Board of Directors for United Cerebral Palsy, WSRE Public Television & the Manna Food Bank. Bobby's most recent appointment is to the Board of Directors of Regency Hospice. In addition, he was the honorary chairman of the March of Dimes, served on the board of the Pensacola Opera, and supports Ronald McDonald House, the USO, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Council on Aging. Bobby is most proud of his “Top Dog” honor, which is bestowed annually by the current award-holder on the single member of the local community who best exemplifies the spirit of giving back by his or her outstanding service.


Bobby has extensive knowledge & 20 years experience in all forms of media: live & produced radio & television and physical & electronic print.


Bobby lives and thrives on Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast, where he enjoys the company of many friends, two daughters, four grandchildren (two sets of twins) and wife. He enjoys public speaking, fundraising and the theatre.

IN BOBBY’S WORDS / "10 Questions with...Bobby Likis": 

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10 Questions with ... Bobby Likis

1. You were a car guy practically since birth, but how did you get into radio?

Second only to my love for cars is my love for talking to people about cars, so ironically, I backed into radio. In 1986, a Car Clinic Service customer--and station
owner for a local cable TV station--talked me into doing a regional show. Because I had so many physician customers at the time, he suggested I call it, what else,
"Bobby Likis Car Clinic." In 1991, Car Clinic TV moved to the Gulf Coast's ABC affiliate, and we launched Car Clinic Radio on 4 stations in 2 states.

2. About what are you most passionate these days?

It's hard for a fiery Greek like me to reduce passion to a few words, but I'll give it a shot: Technology and its automotive applications (you ain't seen nothin' yet!); Empowering consumers with what they need to delight in their vehicles (I've trademarked it Pre-Repair®); a Desire to Elevate Automotive Service (and the true professionals there) to a higher level of respect; an Eat-My-Dust Red Wine like Godsend; and Two Special Sets of Twins.

3. Your show is everywhere -- terrestrial, multiple globalcasts, cellphone-cast, American Forces radio, and PalTalk. You also write and appear on TV and at conventions. What drives you to do all that? What makes you put your show and yourself out there in so many venues?

Perhaps I'm addicted to challenges. I certainly invite change. That's lucky for me, I guess, because radio is changing, morphing, transforming. Michael Harrison's recent "Media Station" article is spot on. Car Clinic Network has evolved from a half-hour, local car-talk show on local cable television to the "model of a Media Station." You probably won't find that term in Wikipedia yet, but you will. A Media Station is all about putting what we call "Info-Tainment" in the hands, ears & eyes of the consumer...whenever and however they want it. My shorter answer is "I still haven't reached my final destination"...but I'm driven to find some road-kickin' spots along the way.

4. If you had to choose one car to drive, period, which one would it be and why?

I love the idea of classic cars. But after restoring several (including my gorgeous, 1980 schwartz metallic Weissach Porsche), I've learned that each vehicle ultimately
drives only as well as its model year's technology. So for me, classics are "better seen than heard." Since I never was much of a spectator, I'd now like to get my hands around the steering wheel of the Mercedes SV12 S Biturbo Coupe, the fastest street legal car in the world. Twin-Turbo V12, 380ci, 730hp and 974 lb-ft torque. 0 to 60mph in 3.8 seconds / top speed 211 mph (electronically limited). Plus its traction control, anti-lock brakes and dynamic stability control allow a few mistakes without crashing & burning. And I'll take all the help I can get.

5. Look ten years into the future: do you see Americans moving in mass numbers into alternative fuel and hybrid cars, or will we still mostly be driving gas-powered internal combustion engine cars? Can the mass car-buying public be convinced to go with something different?

Ah, now you've gone and hit my hot button. Optimistically in 10 years, I see hybrid cars as 15% of America's vehicles. That's approximately 2.25 million new hybrids per year. However, I believe the technology that's required to make alternative-powered vehicles a reality still lies in front of us, undiscovered or underdiscovered. I believe we must go through this "which-way-do-we-go confusion" if the necessary evolution is to succeed. And while I'm fairly certain that alternative power can significantly reduce our long-term addiction to oil, I am thoroughly convinced that we'll need transitional plug-and-play, electric cars that consumers will buy in the short term. I am also certain that diesel-powered vehicles will play an even larger part in our future than most Americans realize. But car makers will have to retrain car buyers. GM's mid-70's gas-to-diesel engine soured many car owners. Too many people bought diesel cars that were noisy, stinky, low powered and worthless at trade-in time. In contrast, GM's new "reversed intake & exhaust" 2009 diesel engine has power (vs. size), is quiet, offers no odor and meets emission standards. I hope GM's dealer workforce, especially dealer principals, will step up, buy into these cars, buy these cars, drive them locally and lead the industry nationally by example. And I hope all car makers will follow Europe's direction in offering similar diesel-powered options.

6. Who are your heroes?

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Mike Yager... each carved his own destiny from limited financial resources and unlimited imagination, motivation and execution. On a closer, more personal plane, I have ultimate respect for my teammates who continue to inspire me, energize each other and work darn hard to make Car Clinic successful.

7. Of what are you most proud?

Passing the man-in-the-mirror test.

8. What is the most-asked question you get about cars?

After all is said, the question is usually 2-seconds short: Should I fix it... or trade it? The answer is the making of 20 years of Car Clinic Radio!

9. Fill in the blank: I can't make it through the day without ___________.

...leaving my sweetheart a note to tell her how important she is to me. Making an effort to make a positive difference in someone's life.

10. What's the best advice you've ever gotten? The worst?

Best: Love what you do.
Worst: Long forgotten

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