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Affiliates - Bobby Likis Car Clinic
Why Be A Car Clinic Affiliate
Car Clinic Affiliates -- National quality. Local benefits.
One-stop shop for Automotive Lifestyle Programming.

Make Bobby Likis Car Clinic part of your Weekend lineup. Unlike many brokered shows that may alienate listeners or other automotive barter programs that don't grab, Car Clinic's 2-hour, car-talk format delivers...listener fun, consumer value, lifestyle relevance, affiliate collaboration and a vehicle for local direct automotive & support industries to offer their quality products and services to a qualified audience.

The Car Clinic Minute is a daily :60 feature with a :30 spot donuted inside. Content is "watercooler wow" and fits any format.

Here's why we claim National quality...Local benefits.

  • Listenership:  Bobby’s engaging style, wealth of knowledge & on-air connection keep listeners actively engaged, tuned in, and bringing their friends with them. Bobby can highlight local events on Car Clinic's national air for added focus on your community, and we feature select stations as "Affiliates of the Week."
  • Local Sponsorships: Ask us how. Click on "I Want to Know More."
  • Program Delivery Options:  Affiliates have a choice of delivery options for Bobby Likis Car Clinic radio (XDS/satellite feed for live or capture, as well as Internet download if your station isn’t satellite equipped). Pull Car Clinic Minutes from satellite, download from ftp, or request a CD.
  • Complimentary Production:  From our all-digital studio, we can produce station-specific tags, liners, promos for you and spots for your annual, local Car Clinic sponsors.
  • Listener / Sponsor Value Adds: Your listeners can tap into the "Mother Lode of Automotive Information" through the Email Bobby page on our website (which you can link on your site). They can also subscribe to "Life in the Fast Lane," our monthly nationally distributed newsletter. Your Station's local Car Clinic sponsors can print the newsletter for distribution to their customers as their value add. 


Program Demos, Production Samples, Affiliate Testimonials:  Click on the scroll bar under the player and enjoy!

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