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Car Clinic Live ---- The Driver's Seat Ethanol Update

For Bobby’s primer on Ethanol, click here. This commentary is a must-read, and in Bobby’s typical style, he separates the wheat from the chaff – or in this case the corn from the husks.

If you have a FFV (Flex Fuel Vehicle), you have choices at the pump: gasoline and Ethanol (both E10 and E85).

If you’re wondering if you have a FFV, click here.  To learn how your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) reveals the answer, click here.

For E85 distribution around the nation, click here.

If you’re wondering why no such locator exists for E10, it’s because no national labeling policy exists, and only South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa mandate such pump branding at a state level. That means that you could be enjoying the benefits of E10…and never know it. Of course, the next week, you could be pumping pure gas or another percentage Ethanol blend…and never know it. Be curious. Ask your station manager what’s in the underground tanks. Better yet, request a clearly branded E10 pump.

For more Enfo, listen to Bobby’s chat with
Tom Slunecka, Executive Director of EPIC (Ethanol Promotion and Information Council).

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