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Bobby Likis Car Clinic Live
Bobby Goes on the Road to...
Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) Conference << Page Back

It's a slippery slope, but the mission of JOAP--a joint service activity staffed by Army, Navy, and Air Force chemists, scientists, engineers and environmental specialists--is to keep our Armed Forces’ mechanical devices road-, sea-, and airworthy. Yes, if it rolls, floats or flies for the USA, it benefits from JOAP research.

Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) Conference:

Welcome by Lt. Col. David Broxterman


For Bobby's additional interviews with the JOAP members & multi-national partners, click on the links below: 

Doug Mearns, U.S. Fuels & Lubricants Division
Max Rutherford, CEO, Gastops
Paul Hamm, Qorpak
Geoff Embrey, U.S. Army
Robert Babin, U.S. DOT
Ted Selby, Savant
Gary Humphrey, U.S. Navy
Malcom Fox, DeMontford University
Stig Skoedt, Danish Air Force
Bob Hale, Anton-Paar
Bob Kasameyer, Cambridge Applied Systems
Michel Murphy, Michel Murphy Enterprises

For the live broadcast of Car Clinic from JOAP, click here.

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