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Bobby Likis Car Clinic Live
Bobby Goes on the Road to...
2006 International Consumer Electronics Show << Page Back

Cultural emersion. You know...when you want to learn what the Romans really do, you go to Rome. Well, in January, Bobby went to mobile electronics Rome (aka the Consumer Electronics Show), wallowed in the culture, learned the language, mingled with 150,000 citizen attendees, and roamed up & down 1.6 million square feet of booth-lined “streets” where 2500 peddlers showcased their e-wares.

2006 International Consumer Electronics Show:

For Bobby's interviews with industry movers & shakers like Steve Brown (Alpine), Dave Marsh (Cobra) & Jim Robnet (RaySat):

Broadcast Hour 1

Broadcast Hour 2

Meanwhile, click here to read excerpts about the Connect2Cars supersession and the Market Share Coliseum from editions of Life in the Fast Lane.


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